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 National Bank of Belize

Belize’s Banking, Reimagined

Branding, Social Media Marketing
May 2024


The National Bank of Belize (NBB) is a government-owned bank headquartered in Belmopan, Belize. NBB offers a range of retail and corporate banking products and services. Our team was engaged to enhance their social media marketing and develop a repositioning strategy.


The National Bank of Belize sought to improve their brand perception. Extensive focus groups and research revealed that customers felt a lack of genuine interest from the bank in improving their financial stability and freedom. This disconnect highlighted the absence of a meaningful relationship between the bank and its customers.

Our objective was twofold: develop strategies to bridge this gap and create a new brand identity that reflected a more approachable and neighborly approach. Additionally, we were tasked with handling all visual creative aspects within a constrained budget, which precluded traveling to Belmopan for organic content creation.

Another challenge was the need to move away from a color palette tied to political affiliations, which required frequent updates based on the current political party in office. The goal was to establish a neutral and timeless brand identity.


To overcome these challenges, we employed creative use of vector illustrations and limited stock imagery representing Belize and its people. During the research and discovery phase, we tested advertisements with an updated look and feel aligned with the current brand and analyzed audience engagement and responses. Furthermore, we relied on AI to provide voiceovers for the creative ads, ensuring the advertisements sounded authentic and resonated with the Belizean audience.

We crafted a new tagline, “Your partner every step of the way,” to humanize the brand and emphasize the bank's commitment to supporting customers at every milestone. To convey the vision effectively to the NBB team, we produced a brandscape video that illustrated the emotions and messages behind the new positioning. This video also served as an introduction to the potential updated brand identity.

This video was originally created as a brandscape introduction. The client loved it so much that they decided to broadcast it on national television.


The internal marketing team at NBB responded positively to our efforts. The brandscape video was so well-received that it was transformed into an actual advertisement aired on television. We presented three potential rebrand schemes, each with color palettes designed to neutralize political associations.