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Award-Winning AI-Powered Video Production Platform and Mobile App

Branding, UX/UI, Strategy
March 2023


Lucihub is an AI-powered video production platform and mobile app designed to streamline content creation, delivering professionally edited videos in hours. I was hired to revamp their branding and update the platform’s interface and user experience to align with the product's goals.


When I was first introduced to Lucihub, the founder was in a rush to rebrand because they discovered a brand identity too similar to an existing company with a similar name. The product was also in its early phase, with some functionalities still in development as it was in its MVP stage. As the company started raising money, it was vital to rebrand immediately and improve the UX and UI to align with the vision they were pitching to potential investors.

I conducted and led several collaborative workshops with their team as part of my research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Lucihub product and to bring clarity to their mission and vision.

This led to the updated logo shown above. The company's name, Lucihub, reflects its iconography, symbolizing light and alluding to the video and film industry. The new Lucihub icon transforms the original L wedge logo into a camera light with barn doors, enhancing this symbolism.


Given the time constraints, we created an updated tappable demo to show current and potential investors the progress made on the Lucihub product. After establishing the demo, we focused on:

  1. New Brand Identity: We developed and applied an entirely new brand identity and design system that aligned with the business's vision and goals while distinctly differentiating it from the similar company. This involved updating existing materials and creating new assets.
  2. User Experience and Interface: We streamlined the user experience to better match the natural stages of video production and redesigned the entire dashboard to ensure clarity and organization.
  3. Unified UI/UX: We created a cohesive user interface and experience that seamlessly integrated the dashboard platform with the mobile companion app, ensuring a consistent and intuitive user journey across devices.

Compared to the initial interface, we modernized the UI, enhanced the design to clearly indicate buttons and guide users through each step seamlessly, and made the user experience more conversational and intuitive.


The updated platform helped Lucihub raise funds for the company. The Lucihub team received numerous compliments on the design, reflecting the successful rebranding and UX/UI improvements.


We created a clear, functional dashboard and mobile app that enhanced usability for Lucihub's users. Lucihub continues to engage with us for workshops to address user needs, strengthen its brand, and explore additional products related to the main platform. Recently, we collaborated on their AI component, further enhancing the product's capabilities. We also did a redesign of their entire website.