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Parisian Café Charm: Custom Hand-Drawn Illustration for Tradeshow Booth

Exhibition Design
May 2024


Lashbox LA designs and develops products for lash artists, including lashes, adhesives, and accessories. They were preparing their tradeshow booth for upcoming shows in Miami and Las Vegas and needed creative solutions for the empty wall space at the back of their booth. They approached us to help bring their ideas to life.


The stakeholders were inspired by Parisian line art and shared several images that resonated with them. They weren't sure how to integrate this style with their brand and were open to our creative input. Their goals for the back wall included:

  • Creating an engaging photo op for conference attendees.
  • Incorporating a previously used feather arch.
  • Using branded colors and displaying their social media handle.
  • Ideally referencing LA, though this was optional.

With the Miami show approaching in just a week, we had a tight deadline to develop and present our concepts.

The images above showcase the two hand-drawn concepts we presented to the clients.


  1. Concept Development: We created two design concepts that incorporated elements from their inspiration images while meeting all their requirements.
  2. Subtle LA References: We included subtle design nods to LA, ensuring they were tasteful and not overly obvious.
  3. Quick Turnaround: We delivered initial concepts within the week, providing the client with a detailed presentation of both designs.

The artwork features subtle details, such as stars referencing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a playful twist on the Hollywood sign reading "Lashbox LA," and popular products displayed in the windows. We also incorporated hashtags and their social media handles in multiple locations.


The client was impressed with both concepts. After internal review, they chose to combine elements from each, resulting in a final design that was applied not only to the back wall but extended to cover 75% of the booth, including the side walls.


We delivered a creative and timely solution that exceeded the client's expectations. Our ability to provide options and meet the tight deadline led to additional work requests from the client, showcasing our efficiency and creativity.