Danielle is a highly accomplished and visionary Creative Director with a proven track record in developing and executing innovative marketing campaigns. Leveraging a blend of strategic thinking, artistic vision, and strong leadership, she drives brand growth, engages audiences, and delivers exceptional creative solutions. She is passionate about pushing boundaries and creating impactful experiences that resonate with customers and drive business success.




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Creative Process

The D.r.i.p.p.e.d. Process©

D is for Discovery

During the first part of the design process, I learn about the client/stakeholder through a series of persona exercises and a curated questionnaire. Here I learn more about any existing branding materials, the clients/stakeholders brand perception, mission and vision, and any additional details important to learn about the company. I also identify current problems/issues and create a wishlist of items needed to be addressed. After I've gathered all the information I need, expectations are set and requirements that align with the mission and overall goals are defined.

R + I is for Research & Ideate

In this step of the process, I take what I’ve learned from the discovery stage. Brainstorming begins and I delve into understanding the issues and use cases. I begin to introduce potential solutions--sketching, wire-framing, and exploration happens here. Depending on the project, I'll execute 1:1 interviews, focus groups, surveys, and usability testing to further collect data.

P is for Produce and Prototype

The fun part begins when I get to this stage of the process. I build out the design and produce site maps, user flows, mockups, lo-fidelity wireframes, and prototype(s). At this stage, I create the first iterations of the product and test usability.

E is for Evaluate

When I get to a good place internally, I present fresh concepts and evaluate the product with the client/stakeholder. Here I to go back and forth with perfecting the product and assess steps to finalizing the design.

D is for Deliver

Making sure I've delivered something to the client/stakeholder that I'm comfortable saying I've designed while still feeling like they received the service/product I promised is an important step to my creative process. I ensure I have all my bases covered and give them all the deliverables and final files. This isn’t the step where clients can still ask for iterations or changes. Here is where I deliver the FINAL product.