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Fundraiser Weekend Raising Awareness for Racial and Gender Equity in Sports

Branding, Strategy
January 2024


Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS) is an organization dedicated to connecting and inspiring people to boldly advocate for racial equity, social justice, and economic justice for Black individuals in sports. Each year, they host "Champions and Legends," a premier fundraiser event that supports athletes on their journey through high school, college, and beyond by providing scholarships, life skills training, and strategic guidance. They approached our team to help with the event branding for the 2024 event.


Our challenge was to create an event that not only raised funds and increased attendance but also enhanced ABIS's brand recognition from coast to coast, establishing it as the most anticipated fundraising event of the year. The goal was to attract a broader audience beyond the athletic community and create a memorable experience.

ABIS's requirements for the event were clear: it needed to be fun and electrifying, reflecting a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere since it wasn’t a winter event. They wanted the event to evoke the prestige and excitement of the ESPY Awards, BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and the Golden Globes.


We developed three concepts that embodied their vision of an urban chic and unforgettable event:

  1. Step into Greatness:
    • Concept: The phrase "step into my shoes" invites attendees to understand and appreciate the perspectives, emotions, and challenges of others.
    • Visual Elements: Incorporate footprints, shoe silhouettes, and pathways.
    • Artwork: Features sketch-like aesthetics, emphasizing artistic strokes akin to playbook diagrams.
  2. Greatness Takes Center Stage:
    • Theme: Broadway/Musical Inspiration
    • Concept: Emulating the sophistication and high-class enjoyment of Broadway plays, this theme extends beyond traditional actors to include athletes, social activists, and artists, each taking center stage in their respective fields.
    • Honoree Parallels: Physical fitness, mental toughness, precision, technique, confidence, teamwork, adaptability, focus, routine, passion, and dedication.
    • Metaphor: To "take center stage" means assuming a prominent role, attracting attention, and playing a central and influential part, much like a performer on a theater stage.
  3. The Art of Greatness:
    • Theme: Museum/Fine Art
    • Concept: Honoring legends in the community, athletes, and social activists by recognizing their contributions as valuable and enduring as works of fine art.
    • Parallels: Recognition of excellence, celebration of achievement, curation, diversity of forms, historical significance, public appreciation, legacy, inspiration, and formal recognition.

The images above were visual concepts corresponding to each theme, designed to help the client better visualize our ideas.

The "Greatness Takes Center Stage" concept was particularly well-received. We updated the branding to incorporate more of ABIS's colors—tan and gold, alongside black, white, and yellow. The graphic design utilized outline strokes and overlays to achieve the desired urban look and also referenced last year's design.


We established a cohesive campaign brand identity, ensuring uniformity across all platforms. This included creating templates for social media, email marketing, websites, and the printed and digital materials needed for the event. Our efforts resulted in a striking and memorable brand presence, enhancing ABIS's reputation and expanding its reach and influence.